TCEC Mentorship Programme

A mentor enables innovators to focus on their project results while also learning about themselves along the way. Leaders can mentor innovators through any of the practical business steps in the value creation process itself. Connecting to emerging market trends and identifying the most significant opportunities. Gaining customer insights, creating strong solutions and business models. Connecting to others who can help them create compelling value propositions. Learning how best to communicate and pitch their potential projects.

TCEC Mentorship

During the global pandemic Covid-19, video calls, meetings, and training have become the only option, and so there's no reason mentoring shouldn't be the same. Virtual Mentoring is a highly effective way of supporting remote teams in this time, creating community and tackling stress and isolation. Our clients here at TCEC can also avail of the expertise and guidance of a mentor in their specific field.

The SEAI Mentor Programme

There is a Community Mentor located in each county of Ireland. This means you get the opportunity to learn from other local communities and get guidance on your next steps from an experienced mentor. The mentors work in one of 4 regions and are organised by one of 4 regional coordinators. This provides capacity and resources as close to the communities as possible. The mentors also provide your feedback to SEAI to help us improve the programme and develop supports best suited to your needs.

The Mentors Work Programme

The MentorsWork programme with Skillnet Ireland is designed to provide you with the skills and supports to help your business thrive, by addressing the specific needs of your business. You choose the priority areas for your business and we tailor the programme to suit your needs.

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